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FEATURED STYLE / FINISH: 330S Maple Rye and Painted Mist, Matte Black Cup Pulls and Classic Knobs

Anything goes in your colorful and eclectic home storage solutions, with a mix of neutrals, textures, metal accents, and treasures from faraway places. For you, kitchen renovation is not about adhering to a particular style, it’s layering inspiring elements that speak to you in a way that feels curated, yet effortless. Whether you select cabinets in a dark or light finish or go with a pop of color, the juxtaposition of contrasting details all work together to tell your unique story.


  • It's all about contrast. Mix light wood and painted cabinets. Crisp white countertops with a colorful backsplash.
  • Metal accents or statement lighting adds a touch of modern glam.
  • Add greenery to freshen things up. Who doesn't love fresh flowers?

330 Door Style

Our Maple material is a dense, strong wood that has fine, even grain and texturing with a color that will only mildly mellow over time.

Our Painted material has a smooth, long-lasting finish, wide assortment of colors and durability that comes from hardwood and engineered wood materials.

D 19FHS CFO 23

D 19MTS CFO 23Construction
Cabinet door is built with a veneered center panel for a smooth look.

Our Recessed Panel has a center that's slightly depressed and a beveled trim for a touch of elegance.

Our Standard Overlay has a 1 ⅙ inch exposure of the cabinet frame for a more traditional look.


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  • really great people to deal with, I mean office and warehouse. I've been there so much I think they know my name. lol My latest project has been mostly cabinets. Good quality reasonable prices. Plus it just a nice country drive.
    — Marc
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